Hillarys Poles and Tracks

The grace and elegance of the curtains are revealed only with the support of a strong foundation given by the sturdy curtain railings known simply as poles and tracks.

They are an essential feature of the curtains and we have an enormous collection of handmade and machine-made curtain railings. These are designed by a team of skilled experts with remarkable craftsmanship. We have a diverse range of poles and tracks for various types of curtains such as :

Our signature poles

We provide tailored services in designing and manufacturing poles made of both wood and metal according to individual requirements. Wooden poles are available in five variants with, Ivory Woodwash, Matt Black, and Natural Mahogany, etc which are all hand-stained finishes. Whereas, metal poles are available in three variants that include Chrome, Bronze, and Gunmetal powder-coated finishes. Kindly contact our customer service team for more information about our collections.

Pole + Track FAQs

Which is more suitable among tracks or poles?

It depends on personal preference and various other factors. A simple difference is that tracks are much more discreet and showcases the beauty of the curtains. Whereas poles are a very visible part of the curtain that comes in various styles and designs. Tracks usually tend to be of an ivory or white complexion.

Are tracks and poles capable of bearing any type curtains?

Well, tracks with a plastic build can carry light to moderately dense curtains and heavier curtains can be carried by metal tracks.

Poles on the other hand are capable of bearing the load according to the sturdiness of the rod. These poles are available in different diameters and the larger the diameter, the sturdier it will be.

How can I attach two poles with different lengths?

By using the joiner that is provided in the package you will be able to attach two poles of different lengths. You don’t have to worry about the visibility as the joiner gets inserted inside the pole.

Is it possible to cut the poles by ourselves?

Yes, it is definitely possible to cut any type of pole by yourself. All you need is a wood saw to cut wooden poles and a hacksaw to cut a metal pole. Kindly use gloves while using sharp tools to cut the poles.

Should I buy metal or wooden poles?

It depends on personal preference and other parameters. Usually, a metal pole is suitable for the contemporary household. They are quite impressive in design and are available in Chrome, Bronze, and Gunmetal finish.

Wooden poles are an impeccable choice for people who would like to have a more natural and rich finish to the interiors. They are available in Ivory Woodwash, Matt Black, and Natural Mahogany, etc.